January 27, 2021

👋Dear Investor,

The biggest reward program in year is coming.

💥JSB Fund promotes the Lunar New Year reward program for all investments in JSB Fund from 00:00 AM (GMT +7) Jan 28, 2021 to 24:00 PM (GMT+ 7) Feb 10, 2021💥

🌟Package under $1000: Rewarding 1% JSB + 3% JSF
🌟Package from $1000 and more: Rewarding 3% JSB + 5% JSF

Joining program to get the favourable promotion from JSB Fund.
JSB Fund established by JSB community with the aim at generating profits from the value of JSB tokens and generating revenue streams from partner business.

Contact us:
👉Website: http://jsbfund.com
👉Telegram group: https://news.jsbfund.com/
👉Telegram channel: https://t.me/JSBfundChannel
👉Github: https://github.com/JSBFoundation/JSB-Fund/raw/main/JSB_Fund.ver.1.pdf

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